Services Provided by Burch Sports 

People all over can benefit from the services we provide. We are here to help you with your goals. 

Personal Training 

Transform your body with our one-on-one training sessions. Reach your peak performance with custom-designed training sessions developed with your specific needs in mind! Contact us for pricing options.

 Strength & Conditioning

Enhance and improve your performance through proper mechanics and various exercises. Contact us for pricing options.

Fitness Assessment

We specialize in unique individual evaluations for each client, and develop a fitness plan just right for you. A series of test will aid in the development of your personalized fitness plan. Contact us for pricing options.

 Speed and Agility training

We focus on your foot speeds, visual reactions, and speed endurance. Learn to explosively break, change directions, and accelerate in our extensive program. Contact us for pricing options.

Position Specifics Training

We concentrate solely on the athlete’s position to enhance their skill set and IQ level. Contact us for pricing options.

College camp Tours 

Visit and camp with various colleges throughout the summer months, to give athletes the opportunity to showcase their skills in front of college coaches. Contact us for pricing options.

 college Scholarship Consultation

We work with our students from beginning to end consulting on scholarships where necessary. Contact us for pricing options.